Murals (2008) by PHANTAST - Graffiti - Cultural Music & Art Association inc. - 98 Milne St. Benleigh

10-150x150 thumb A man had two sons (Luke 15:11)

The Father did not defend the younger son, but He rebuked the elder. There are 2 ways in which a man may waste his life:

1. One is to run away from your responsibilities, causing sorrow to your parents and hurt to your associates, killing your fine nature. That is wrong, and a man must repent of such conduct and change his life if he is to be received again into his Father's house.

2. But the other thing is equally wrong. God is a generous Giver, and getting selfish is sin. God laughts in the sunshine and sings through the throats of birds. They who neither laugh nor sing are out of tune with the Infinite. God has exercised all His ingenuity in making the world a pleasant place.

Those who find no pleasure and give none, offer Him a constant affront. However precise their conduct, their spirits are an offence... Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees. You are painfully careful to give exactly 10% of your income to the Temple, figuring down to fractions of pennies. But you neglect the heavy matters of the law - the supreme obligation to leave the world a little more cheeful because you have passed through. (Bruce Barton,The Man nobody knows).

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