Murals (2008) by PHANTAST - Graffiti - Cultural Music & Art Association inc. - 98 Milne St. Benleigh


Every living organism has its own natural habitat. Ruin the natural  environment and you'll take the living organism out of its natural, healthy habitat. It will desperately accept deviations in its life-or-death struggle to survive. It will become a deviate before it surrenders to extermination (Renee DuBos, the founder of Sociobiology).

What is a human being? What is his primal nature? What environment will nurture his natural, healthy state of being?

The human  being was designed to be a creative communicator. For this reason, humans were placed in an environment that induced creativity - God put Adam and Eve in a garden! Creativity takes place in a space and state where communication can flow freely. The conscious and subconscious mind must be tranquil and tension-free to communicate with God. So the natural habitat for the human was a garden. In the garden the human could be relaxed and receptive. Here he could "meditate" - think creatively. So the human was given eyes, ears, and skin to sense and respond to stress-reducing stimuli. These spiritual stimuli channel tranquility into the brain to relax the creative centers of human consciousness. Creativity through tranquility!

To be normal, healthy, creative human beings, we must have the opportunity to be in a natural space in which sounds, sights, and smells relax us and make us receptive to creative ideas, impulses, and moods. But take us out of the garden and our spirits will become distorted. Creativity will be stifled or stunned or turned into a deviate force by stresses, strains, sounds, and sights that cause spiritual static, which interferes with God's silent signals being sent to us.

The human being is not living now in his natural habitat. The eyes do not look on trees bending in the breeze or on white clouds in blue skies. We are missing the meditative experience of a full moon bathing grass, water,  and flowers in the garden. Instead the eye looks on electric power poles, cracked cement, asphalt streets. The ears does not hear the trickle of water dripping from branches or tumbling tranquilly in the brooks, the whisper of the breeze, the music of falling leaves, the singing of the birds. All of these are drowned out by unnatural and tension-generating noise: the roar of engines, the shifting of gears, the wail of sirens, the moan of racing ambulances. The sensory elements of humanity are now sending stress-generating signals to the subconscious.

The human organism was designated to be a powerful, creative, healthy, communicator when left in its natural habitat.  Take the human biological organism out of its normal habitat and the human body will generate stress instead  of serenity. Stress will sever the spirit of creative communication. The human being will become a deviate in his desperation to survive in a dangerous, destructive habitat. The spirit will be stifled by the static of stress. This explain why secularism and cynicism have replaced natural, normal, and healthy spiritual creativity. Clear spiritual signals from God are lost. Emotional static cuts off the connection between God and humans, the way a cellular phone loses contact when it is moved out of range of the satellite or tower that sends the messages.

The result? Look around you. Atheism flourishes in the noisy cities. Spiritual life comes naturally in the stillness of the garden, moonlight, and meadow. The atheist's spiritual insensitivity is a deviation from the natural human norm. Take the human out of the garden and he'll be out of touch (Robert Schuller).




 The sun has disappeared. I have switched off the light, and my wife and children are asleep.

The animals in the forest are full of fear, and so are the people on their mats. They prefer the day with Your sun to the night.

But I still know that Your moon is there, and Your eyes and also Your hands. Thus I am not afraid.

This day again You led us wonderfully. Everybody went to his mat satisfied and full.

Renew us during our sleep, that in the morning we may come afresh to our daily jobs.

Be with our brothers far away in Asia who may be getting up now. Amen. (Prayer of a young Christian, Gana).



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