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Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.20.53 pm   NOT AFRAID OF THE CROSS. 

Andrew boldly looked the governor in the eye. 'It is good for you, the judge of men, to first know your Judge who dwells in heaven', he said, his voice ringing with the force of truth. 'After you know Him, then worship Him, removing from your mind false gods and blind idols'.
Christians all over the empire were being executed in obedience to a decree from the Roman Senate. Peter had been crucified a year earlier, and before this year would end, six more of the original disciples, including Andrew, would be executed. Of the 12, only John would remain on earth.

Andrew had voluntarily come to face Aegaeas, the governor, to persuada him not to persecute the many Christians Andrew had brought to the faith in the city of Patras.
Andrew's words angered the king. 'Are you the same Andrew who has overthrown the temple of the gods and persuades men to be of that superstitious sect which Rome has now commanded to be abolished?'
Andrew answered, 'The prince of the Romans do not understand the truth. The Son of God, coming from heaven into the world for man's sake, has taught and declared how those idols, whom you so honour as gods, are not gods, but rather enemies of mankind. They teach the people to do things that are so offensive to God that He turns away. In serving the devil, people fall into all kind of wickedness, and after  they die, nothing remains from them but their evil deeds'.
'Enough!' the governor commanded. 'Do not teach such things anymore or you will be fastened to the cross with all speed'.
Andrew answered, 'If I were afraid of the death of the cross, I would not have preached about the majesty, honour, and glory of the cross'.
The governor then pronounced sentence, 'This man is starting a new sect and taking away the religion of the Roman gods. I hereby sentence him to death by crucifixion'.

As Andrew was brought towards the place of execution, he saw he cross prepared for him. Instead of the fear that might be executed, fervent love for Jesus rose up in his heart. He cried out, 'O cross, most welcome and long looked for! With a willing mind, I joyfully come to you, being the disciple of Him who hung on you'. As he neared  the cross he said, ' The nearer I come to the cross, the nearer I come to God; and the farther I am from the cross, the farther I remain from God'.

For 3 days, the apostle hung on the cross. As long as he could move his tongue, he instructed all who stood nearby, encourging them, 'Remain steadfast in the word and doctrine which you have received, to dwell with God in eternity, and to receive the fruit of His promises (The voice of the martyrs).

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