Murals (2008) by PHANTAST - Graffiti - Cultural Music & Art Association inc. - 98 Milne St. Benleigh

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 The Anglican Church 'St. Andrew' at Riverview, Brisbane, Australia came to a dramatic end in 1993.
"This 1950s Anglican Church 'St. Andrew' in Riverview, Brisbane may offer a unique home option.
Property: 37 Brisbane Rd, Riverview, Qld 4303
Inspection / interest: Sunday 9:30 -10:00, on 12 June 1993." (Local paper).


On 4th July 1993, the Romanian Orthodox Church 'St Dimitrie' of Brisbane Inc. paid $ 75,000 to the Anglicans and changed it into Romanian Orthodox Church 'St Dimitrie'.
Consecrated by bishop Teofan Sinaitul in Oct 1999, it was dedicated to St Dimitrie the Martyr, St Dimitrie the New, Dr. Pantelimon and Ap. Andrew.
It was refurbished during 2007-2009 and beautified with murals and mosaics.

SOS (save our soles) 2018
After 30 years, we have to explore critically the issues of our community and
search for religious meaning and value in a complex world of 21st century in Australia.

Often a work of God comes with two edges, great joy and great pain.
We have to accept Jesus on His own terms, regardless of the personal cost...
As Elton Trueblood has observed, all the major symbols that Jesus used had a severe, even offensive quality:
- 'the yoke of burden',
- 'the cup of suffering', 
- 'the towel of servanthood', and finally,
- 'the cross of execution'.
"Count the cost", Jesus said, giving fair warning to any who dared follow Him.


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