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ilie-150x150 COMMITMENT

1. Elijah's single-minded commitment to God shocks and challenges us. He was sent to confront, not comfort, and he spoke God's  words to a king who often rejected his message just because he brought it. Elijah chose to carry out his ministry for God alone and paid for that decision by experiencing isolation from others who were also faithful to  God. All that happened in Elija's life began with the same miracle that is available to us- he responded to the miracle of being able to know God. After God worked an overwhelming miracle through Elijah in defeating the prophets of Baal, Queen Jezebel retaliated by threatening Elijah's life.  Elijah ran. He felt afraid, depressed, and abandoned. Despite God's provision of food and shelter in the desert, Elijah wanted to die. So God presented Elijah with an "audio-visual  display" and a message he needed to hear. Elija witnessed a windstorm, an earthquake, and fire; God displayed His presence in a gentle whisper. Even today, God often speaks through the gentle and obvious rather the spectacular and unusual. God has work for us to do even when we feel fear and failure. The real miracle of Elijah's life was his very personal relationship with God. And that miracle is available to us (1 Kings 18).

2. Jezebel ranks as the most evil woman in the Bible, her name is used as an example of people who completely reject God (Revelation 2:20). Many pagan women married into Israel without acknowledging the God their husbands worshiped; they brought their religions with them. But no one was as determined as Jezebel to make all Israel worship her gods. Jezebel's one outstanding "success" was in contributing to the cause of the eventual downfall of the northern kingdom - idolatry. Jezebel held great power. She not only managed her husband, king Ahab, but she also had 850 assorted pagan priests under her control. Her plan to wipe out worship of God in Israel led to painful consequences. Before she died, Jezebel suffered the loss of her husband in combat and her son at the hand of Jehu. She died in the defiant and sconful way she had lived.

3. When comparing Jezebel and Elijah, we have to admire each one's strength of commitment. The big difference was to whom they were commited. Jezebel was commited to herself and her false gods. Elijah was totally commited to the One true God. In the end God proved Elijah right. To what or to whom are you most commited? How would God evaluate your commitment? ( Zondervan)

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