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decap-150x150THE VULNERABLE MAN.

 Society's definition of a real man is erroneous and its requirements of him are so burdensome that he really finds it difficut to be a man. He knows inwardly that he isn't able to cope with these heavy demands. For that reason it's time to reevaluate the question, "What is a real man?"

The answer comes loud and clear from Jesus. "Hey! If you want  to see a real man, take a look at John the Baptist. Because, of all the men born of women, there's never been a greater one than John" ( Luke 7:28). John had six characteristics which qualified him as a real man: sincerity, simplicity, conviction, courage, vision and vulnerability...

Modern man of our society is not supposed to be vulnerable. According to research, the 5 most difficult statements for the modern man to take are:

(1) I don't know;

(2) I was   wrong;

 (3) I need help;

 (4) I'm afraid;

 (5) I'm sorry.

 In other words, according to the world's definition, real men do not admit any vulnerability. And if they do, their masculinity is in question. But John was not afraid to admit his vulnerability...

John the Baptist's vulnerability is shown in two ways - his honesty and his humility. His humility is unbelievable. One of his best-known statements was in reference to Jesus: "He must become greater; I must become less" (John 3:30). There's nothing phony about John's humility - it's real. He has come to grips with who he realy is in relation to Jesus. A humble man is not afraid to admit it. Such a man admits openly, "I must go on decreasing. He must go on increasing". (Stuart Briscoe).

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