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On the surface, the question was about the next life: " What must I do to inherit eternal life?"
The man wasn't satisfied with Jesus' answer, so he pressed for a guarantee - at times we, too, feel the tendency to reduce God's love to a mere formula. But it doesn't work that way. If your relationshp with God is too heavily defined by a list of dos and don'ts, you'll have trouble being passionate in your love for God or joyful in your service to others. Jesus didn't seem too interested in the man's "percived" need either. Instead, He zeroed in on the real need.
In the parable we notice at least two principles:
- First, the outcast was the hero. No one liked or respected Samaritans, but Jesus was saying that the outcast is able to understand and express God's love better than anyone else, including the religious experts. Christian faith is not about being an expert or being perfect all the time. It's about being willing to receive God's love and forgiveness and then being to express those realities to those around us.
- The second principle is that true neighbours are those who show mercy - both the idea of a feeling of empathy and compassion as well as taking action on behalf of those who are helpless. A Christian who has all the right answers but does not show mercy is not an effective witness for God (Luke 6:36) (Whitney Kuniholm, The Essential Bible Guide).




Be a good listner to someone;
Hugging someone shows love and care.
Treat someone going through a rough time  - a simple card, flowers...
Say "thank you", be appreciative.
Help someone, be they young, old or stranger.
Show gratitude to your teacher or professor.
It's tough being young and learning - show encouragement.
Call or meet someone out of touch.
Mother Nature keeps the planet working - let's give something back.
Share the joy  - if you've been given a gift, share it.
Donate to charity - books, cloths, time as a volunteer.
Exchange a smile with a stranger - happiness can be infectious.
Greet someone with a smile and a positive outlook.
Donate blood and share the experience with other people.
Try to patch up a quarral or a split.
Try helping someone's wish or dream come true.
Volounteer for a good cause.
Be kind - saying  please, thank you and sorry are gestures of spiritual generosity.
Adopt a pet.
Inspire people, create a moment - blow up a couple of balloons and put them in a public space..
Share a walk with your partner.
Be silly - try to forget your inhibitions for a moment and let it all go.
Don't be judgemental  -spend the day being accepting of people.
Don't look for faults - emphasize what's good.
Anger management - promise yourself to stay calm for a day.
Cleaning your neighborhood - try to organize a local group to do a clean -up.
Reach out and communicate with a shy person.
Leave a lottery ticket for a stranger to find it.
Leave extra change on a vending machine for someone to find it.

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