Murals (2008) by PHANTAST - Graffiti - Cultural Music & Art Association inc. - 98 Milne St. Benleigh



1. Delights in the Law of the Lord (Psalm 1:2)  Your ways are the best ways; Your ways are the right ways; Your ways are our way.

2. Meditates on the Law of the Lord (1:2) Help us to seek those things that are above, so we will not become absorbed in the things that are about us.

3. Has a Well-planned Life (1:3) You did creat us and You can do more with our lives than we can; turn us to You.

4.Has a Consistent Life (1:3) May we have the internal quality of life that maintains a Christlike attitude in spite of the happenings that come our way

5. Has Spiritual Prosperity (1:3) May we have courage in the face of what can be changed; patience in th face of what cannot be changed, and wisdom to know the difference

6. Able to Stand Up Under Scrutinizing Examination (1:5) Help us to go after the right things here, so we will go to the right place in the hereafter.

7. Has a Personal Relationship with the Lord (1:6)  We revel in the marvel, the majesty, and the miracle of Your interest in us and Your understanding of us

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