Murals (2008) by PHANTAST - Graffiti - Cultural Music & Art Association inc. - 98 Milne St. Benleigh


1. Our God is so approachable that we can talk to Him about ourselves (139:23-24).  We find it easy to talk to You about ourselves when we consider Your approachableness, Your concern, Your love, Your understanding, Your interest in our behalf.

2. Petition No.1: Request to see ouselves as God sees us (139:23).  We are receptive to Your x-ray examination. We gladly repudiate all that is incompatible with Your will; for above all else, we desire to be like You.

3. Petition No.2 :  The approachable God is invited to examine our motives (139:23).  May we have such a singleness of purpose, such a master motive controlling every part, that we can live lives of total devotion to You.

4. Petition No.3 : The approachable God is invited to examine our thoughts (139:23). May we master the secret of thinking Your thoughts, of keeping our attention focused on You, and of maintaining a wholesome mental condition in all situations.

5. Petition No.4: The approachable God is asked to look over our activities (139:24).  May we make advances today that will enable us to do justice to the magnificent privilege we have of portraying You before the eyes of our fellowman.

6. Petition No 5:  Our approachable God is ready to guide us (139:24).  May we always be sensitive and receptive to Your guidance, so we can move consistently and constantly according to Your timetable for our lives.

7.  Petition No. 6: We desire to travel on the turnpike of eternity in company with our approachable God (139:24). May we move consistently on the way everlasting, that we may avoid the detours and sidetracks that take us off course.

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