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Scan 133380009 LuciaPerpetua, Saturas, and Felicitas in Carthage, North Africa, 1st Feb., AD 202.

Six Christians climbed up on the judgement platform. Below them, a vast crowd had gathered in the marketplace to watch their trail. One by one, the others were questioned and confessed their faith. As soon as it was Perpetua's turn, she saw her aged father holding her infant child in his arms.

- "Have pity on your baby", he begged. The judge took up her father's cause: "Spare your father's white hairs, spare the tender years of your child. Offer a sacrifice for the welfare of the Emperor".

- "I am a Christian, I will not sacrifice!", Perpetua answered.

Saturas said: "Note our faces well, that you may recognize us on the Day of Judgment!"

The judge passed sentence" Perpetua and her fellow Christians were all condemned to be killed by wild beasts as a show for the crowd on Caesar's birthday.

The day of their victory dawned, and the martyrs went from the prison to the amphitheatre as if they were on their way to heaven. Their faces were radiant. Perpetua followed at a gentle pace, as a great lady of Christ. The power of her gaze forced the spectators to lower their eyes. She sang a hymn of triumph. At the begining of the show, two of the men were attacked by a leopard and then mauled by a bear. A wild boar was then let loose on Saturus, but the boar turned on the one who unleashed him, goring him in the stomach. Saturas was only dragged on the sand. Then he was tied up on the bridge in front of a bear, but the bear refused to come out of his den.

Perpetua and a young woman named Felicitas were put in the arena with a bull. Felicitas fell, seriously wounded. Perpetua was tossed in the air. As soon as she got up, she ran to Felicitas and gently raised her from the ground. When the bull refused to attack them again, they were removed from the arena.

The show was almost over; Saturus was put in the arena one last time, the leopard was let loose, and with one bite, Saturas was mortally wounded. Finally, those who were still alive were brought back in to be killed by gladiators.

Perpetua had it all: noble birth, wealth, a fine family, education, inteligence, youth and beauty. But none of these things, not even her love for her baby compared to her love for Jesus. She wrote these final words to her family: "Do not be ashamed by my death. I think it is the greatest honour of my life and thank God for calling me to give my life for His sake and in His cause" (The Voice of the martyrs).

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