Murals (2008) by PHANTAST - Graffiti - Cultural Music & Art Association inc. - 98 Milne St. Benleigh


1. God takes note of the place of our birth (Psalm 87:6). You take time to record our births on Your statistical record, and take an interest in us from then on.

2. God thinks enough of us to write our biographis (87:6). Since You are writing our biographies, we want to put everything good and constructive into each day to show our appreciation for Your interest in us.

3. The Lord thinks enough of us to allow us to infuence what He does in our word (88:13).  In the light of Your regard for us, we do our part to wield an influence that brings nothing but the best into every life situation.

4. The Lord rates us as His "chosen" people (89:3). We offer You our best since You have signally honored us in picking us to be on Your side. We do not understand the way of this choice, but we revel in the glory of it.

5. He thinks so much of us that He does not want us to encounter defeat (89:21). The most wecome sign that can be placed over the doors of our heart is: "Open uner new management" - we turn our lives over to Him.

6. The Lord is teaching us the way to use our time wisely (90:12). Lord, teach the finest of fine art; that is the art of packing each day with the pursuits that keep us on tiptoes of expectation.

7. He thinks enough of us to beautify our lives (90:17). May the beauty, glory, and radiance of Jesus be seen in and through us, so we can adorn the doctine of His transforming power in daily life. 

Archived Inspiration

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