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Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.23.50 pm"I DO NOT SUPPOSE IT. I KNOW IT!". 

 Justin and a group of Christians from his school of phylosopy were arrested and brought before Rusticus, the prefect.
Rusticus : Above all things, you must have faith in the gods and obey the emperors.
Justin: We have done nothing wrong. We cannot be accused or condemned for obeying the commands of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Rusticus looked at him puzzled : What system of phylosophy do you say is true?
Justin answered: I have tried to learn about every system, but I have accepted the true teachings of the Christians, though they are rejected by those who would prefer a lie.
Rusticus: So you would tell me that these teachings are the truth then, even though you stand here a criminal?
Justin: Yes, because I follow them with their correct teaching. I worship the one true God, the God of the Christians He has been the only God since He made the earth and all the creation, both the things that are seen and those that are unseen. And we worship Jesus, His son, as Lord and Savior. I am a Christian.
Rusticus: You call yourself a wise and studied man. You say you have insight into what is truth. If so, answer me this: If I have you flogged and executed, do you believe you will go to heaven?
Justin: I believe that if I bear these things I shall have what Jesus promised me. I know that His divine gift of salvation will stay with all who hold to His name until the end of the world.
Rusticus: I take it, then, that you think you will go to heaven and receive some appropriate rewart there?
Justin: I do not suppose it; I know it. I am certain of it.
Rusticus: Then there is only one thing left and your life rides on it. You must come forward and sacrifice to the Roman gods.
Justin: No one in his right mind would turn his back on his relationship with the one true God by showing even the slightest respect for these godless statues. You speak of panishment and death as if it is to be feared, but the truth of the matter is that it is our salvation. When I go before the judgement seat of Christ, as the whole world will have to do - even you - this will be my confidence that I may enter into heaven - that I did not deny Jesus, even onto death.
At this, those who stood with Justin stepped forward and said : You can do  whatever you want to us. We are Christians, and Christians do not sacrifice to idols!
Rusticus stood as if to attack them himself, but then steadied himself and placed his hands on his sides: Then it is decided. Your own testimony condemns you. Because you defied the command of the emperor by refusing to sacrifice to our gods, shall be scourged with whips and killed according to the law. (The voice of the Martyrs).

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