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annunciation -coptic_textile

The Annunciation and The Visitation, 6th century Coptic Christian textile, silk-embroidered linen, Victoria Museum, London.

 THE ANNUNCIATION (Luke 1:26). The particular focus of the annuncement of the birth of Jesus is on his identity as Son of David and Son of God. The virginal conception of Jesus takes place through the Holy Spirit, the power of God, and therefore Jesus has a unique relationship to Yahweh: He is Son of God. The sign given to Mary in conformation of the angel's announcement to her is the pregnancy of her aged relative Elizabeth. If a woman past the childbearing age could become pregnant, why, the angel implies, should there be doubt about Mary's pregnancy, for nothing will be impossible for God.



1.  We Live on the Losing Side When the Lord Is Not Our Strength (Psalm 52:7) Give us eyes for invisibles, so we can operate in the world that is above the sun as freely as we operate in the world that is below the sun.

2. If We Put Our Trust in Riches (52:7) May we keep a proper sense of values by putting Your kingdom first. Then we will make a right use of money instead of letting it use us.

3. If We Go Back to Our Old Ways ( 53:2) May we constantly take the path marked "Upward" , so we can achieve higher and higher levels.

4. If our Imaginations Play Tricks on Us ( 53:5) May we make friends with our imaginations, so they will enable us to project our planes over the whole range of the future.

5. When We Do Not Serve the God Who Made Us ( 54:3) May we be so pessessed by the God who made us that the only thought in our mind is :"Not my will, by Yours, be done".

6. If We Miss Heaven ( 55:15) Today help us to make it easy for someone to want to go to heaven with us, for we want to take everyone in that direction.

7. When We Resort to Insincerity (55:21) May we keep our every phase of our lives so harmonized with Your will that we will never have cracks that need to be filled with unreality.

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