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1. Even before the trial began, it had been determined that Jesus must die (John 11,50).  There was no " innocent until proven guilty" approach.

2. False witnesses were sought to testify against Jesus (Matthew 26,59). Usually the religious leaders went through an elaborate system of screening witnesses to ensure justice.

3. No defense for Jesus was sought or allowed (Luke 22,67)

4. The trial was conducted at night (Mark 14,53), which was illegal according to the religious leaders' own laws.

5. The high priest put Jesus under oath, but then incriminated Him for what He said (Matthew 26,63)

6. Cases involving such serious charges were to be tried only in the Sanhedrin's regular meeting place, not in the high priest's palace (Mark 14,53).

Jesus' trial was actually a series of hearings, carefully controlled to accomplish the death of Jesus. The verdict was pre-decided, but certain "legal" procedures were necessary. A lot of effort went into condemning and crucifying an innocent man. Jesus went through an unfair trial in our place so that the world not have to face a fair trial and receive the well- deserved punishment for our sins.

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