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Can adults understand that we're just frinds!

The sex drive starts with puberty.
The sex drive peaks for a girl at 25 years of age. For a guy, it is 19 years of age.
Put simply, a teenage guy often has a strong sex drive than a teenage girl.
Suggested rule: Take time to decide 'how far you want to go' sexually before you leave to go out with a male friend.

As you read the following section, remember that most guys are decent people. But nice clothes and good manners don't prove anything.
If your trust has already been taken advantage of sexually, be patinent with yourself. There is help available.
"Date rape' is unwanted sexual intercoures. The girl has chosen to go out on a date with a guy, but has not consented to the level of the sexual experience.
Sexual pressure may happen under the threat of a relationship break-up, or peer pressure such as being called 'frigid'.
Suggested rule: Make your first 3 relationship outings in a semi-public place, such as a movie theatre, a café, or a park or beach in the day-time (avoid parks & beaches after dark). Private homes are dangerous if you are not supervised.

Cinderella's fairy godmother told her to be home by midnight. Perhaps this was because she understood that tiredness blocks clear thinking and decisions.
After the Cinderella hour of 12 o'clock, we think slowly. Any supervising adults are also likely to be asleep from this time.
Suggested rule: From midnight, consider going home, or going to a 'female only' room.

The prettier you are, the more at risk you may be.
Unfortunately people are sometimes not keen to get involved in a private conflict. Your yells for "Help" may not be responded to.
Try to stay aware of your environment. Distractions such as headphones can make you slower to notice dange.
If your sexual safety is threatened, let your anger be your friend. If you were to injure a male abuser, you would be protected legally by the self-defence rule.
Suggested response to violence:
YELL "FIRE" and kick them (hard) in the shins/ groin/ poke them in the eyes/ hold your key poking out between your fingers in a cleanched fist. (sounds aggressive doesn't it?).

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