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C. INADEQUATE PARTNER SUPPORT. In order for a relationship to survive and flourish both partners need to feel they are receiving adequate support. Having these needs met is a combination of each partner having realistic expectations about the other's ability to meet their needs, creating an environment where both partners are aware of and able to meet each other's need for support. Problems:

1. Having unrealistic expectations about your needs - It is important to be realistic in assessing what your needs are in terms of partner support. Relying solely on your partner to meet all your support needs is likely to be unrealistic and place too much demand on your partner.

2. Placing unrealistic demands on your partner - Sometimes relationships become strained when one partner places unrealistic demands on the other and does not take into consideration the partner's humanness. Your partner is only human and makes mistakes, gets tired and has his or her own needs.

3. Failing to communicate and problem solve to enable needs to be met - Often arguments occur when one partner is upset that the other has not remembered or done something that may or may not have been communicated effectively. In this case, things get worse when communication and problem solving is not used effectively to generate alternate solutions to meet needs.

D. LACK OF QUALITY TIME AND ENJOYABLE SHARED EXPERIENCES. This is another area frequently observed in relationship dissatisfaction. Problems:

1. Lack of quality time - Couples often don't plan ahead to ensure they get quality time together. When they do have time alone it is not "quality" as they are often tired and distracted and end up arguing or failing to enjoy each other's company.

2. Lack of shared enjoyable activities - Couples don't have shared interests which they can both participate in and enjoy.

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