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Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 11.28.50 am   FOOD.

Hollywood and the gossip magazines have put so much pressure on the girls to be thin. But a tired or slightly underweight body does not have the energy to compete in the workplace, or maintain healthy friendships or fertility.
The brain cells and red blood cells use fat as their energy source. They cannot use carbohydrates. Either plant (olive oil or avocado) or animal fat energy can be used by these cells. All foods are OK in moderation. A body not fed some fat will suffer from a lack of energy, and ther brain will not learn. Growth will also be stunted.
Suggestion: Try to avoid short- term diets. Prefer a semi - permanent  lifestyle change such as less TV and computer, joining a group exercise activity that you enjoy, or restricting junk food to Saturdays.
Suggested celebrations: As you grow, celebrate each 5 cm in height, as well as the start of your periods. You're becoming a woman... Feel proud!

It is normal to worry about being accepted by friends. Popularith at school however does not predict success in life.
If friends make dangerous choices for themselves, you may feel pressured to join them to continue as part of the group.
Try to accept your friend's rights to make their own decisions. Then expect them to give you the same right.
Suggestion: If you decide that you need to move to a new peer group, consider hanging out with peers from an extra-curricular activity.

Your feelings can be expressed or explored through your music. Experiment!
But consider keeping a balance in the music you listen to, with both the sad and the uplifting, the angry and the loving.
Suggestion: Use music to cope with stress or boredom.

Clothes are an important part of your self-expression. What colours and styles do you prefer and feel comfortable in?
Now, I want you to picture your doctor walking into the waiting room to greet you - dressed in his bathers..
Clothes communicate non-verbally.
A guy who sees a lot of leg or breast cleavage is more likely to think that you might be available for sex. This may be fine if you are interested. But you will need to expect goggling at the bus or train by the guy that you are NOT interested in! Some male abusers wrongly use revealing dress style as  an excuse for their abuse.
Suggestion: Dress to express your chosen image when you are with your peers. But consider adding a sleeved shirt, shorts or bike pants when you are on your own.

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