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Scan 140030020-4gamblingARE YOU IN CONTROL OF YOUR GAMBLING?

 When people get into trouble with gambling, there are times when they can't stop and end up losing large amounts of money. Gambling can lead to significant problems that may affect relationship with family and friends.

WARNING SIGNS that someone mignt have a problem with gambling:

- spending more time or money that he/she intends;

- arguing with family and friends after gambling;

- losing and having an urge to return as soon as posible to win back losses;

- feeling guilty or remorseful about gambling;

- borrowing money or selling assets to gamble;

-  considering obtaining money to gamble through illegal means;

 - missing work to gamble;

- hiding the extent of their gambling.


- Gamble for the fun of it, not for the money;

- Don't gamble to escape stress or boredom;

- Set yourself a limit and don't exceed it;

- Don't chase your loses. Leave. Walk away;

- Gamble only what you can afford to lose;

- Never borrow money to gamble;

- Stay in control and think of the people who need your support.


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