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'SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL WELLBEING FOR TEENAGE GIRLS', by Associate Professor of psychiatry, Dr Joanne Sargeant (with written permission).

So some adult handed you this book and said "Read This".
You feel like they don't trust you, that they haven't notice that you're not a child anymore, and maybe they don't really belive that you can think yourself...
This book doesn't promise to have all the answers. I don't promise to be right on every topic. Just pick out what's useful to you as you read. Then get on with living your life, as it is meant to be.
Boys, sex, drugs, alcohol, music, food, clothees, friends, job and money, phones, internet...
The issues are many. The potential for different opinions are huge. Are teenane years "the best time of your life?" They sure are the time of big choices.
I wish you luck! Dr Jo.

Great fun right? Without the Internet your social life would die?
One problem with the ever-changing internet is that you have very limited power over the use of any personal  information that you put on your profiles.
I want you to pretend that you're a middle aged (or older) man. You are on the lookout for some naïve 'young things'. You may pretend that you are a young female, or that you are a 'hot' guy - and provide your niece or nephew's photo as 'proof'.
Manipulating people  will start out being friendly and supportive with you. They will learn about your hopes. They will be patient and only push boundaries with you at a time when private life leaves you lonely and vulnerable.

Use the internet to organise rather than to live your social life.
Consider using a code name rather than your real name.
Avoid posting photos or your date of birth or address or  school.

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