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I feel like quitting. Why should I bother?
Female with training generally earn more money per hour. This means that you can either work less hours, or do more travel, or eat out more.
Give yourself options!
What happens to fairytale Cinderella whose Prince turns into a nasty nightmare?
She may feel that she has no choice but to stay with him in an unpeasant place if she has no better options.
So get trained in SOMETHING!
Suggested plan: Book an appointment with your school guidance officer or talk to a family friend about what you are good at as well as what you enjoy.

Suggestions for Coping with Stress ( and boredom too!):
Listen to music. Dance to music.
Write down how I'm feeling (in a diary etc).
Write a story, song or poem. Write a letter to a friend.
Visit, ring or text someone
Have a warm bath or shower.
Look at photos.
Cry (suggested maximum time limit of 30 minutes, then walk/bath/cook whilst crying!)
Meditate, do yoga or prayPlay with your pet (pat the cat, or walk the dog).
Go window shopping
Go for a a walk/ swim/ ride
Go for a movie.Visit a library.
Groom yourself (cut or paint your toenails...)
Eat (cereals, soup, fruit...)
Go back to the top of the list & start again!

GETTING ORGANIZED. Do you ever get stressed? The following list might help you, and also reduce nagging from adults.
Home from school routine:
Take out any notes for parents
Eat afternoon tea
Have a half hour break and then start homework.
My Wake-up time is _ am
My Bed-time is _ pm
Begin to get ready for bed 45 minuted before lights out
Read in bed/listen to music until lights out. Sleep tight!

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