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 Brain chemical serotonin levels enable you to maintain good sleep patters and sleep quality, your appetite and your mood in general.

Reduction of serotonin causes you to feel less calm than usual. So, in times of anxiety and stress, your body needs to produce more of it. You can do this by increasing the amounts of foods you eat that contain the amino acid L-triptophan, so boosting serotonin levels, easing anxiety and bringing about calm.  These foods include : chocolate (yes!), oats, bananas, dried dates, milk, yogurt, cottage  cheese, meat, fish, turkey, chicken, sesame seeds, chickpeas and peanuts. If you can't eat enough of these foods to make a difference, try taking the supplement 5-HTP.

SOME CALMING CARBS. Carbohydrates are great for their calming effect on your brain chemistry.  So, if you eat foods that are high in vitamin B6 and carbohydrates, you should notice the difference prety quickly.  The most easily available carbs to try are: raisins, whole grain cereals, bananas and potatoes.

Breakfast is an important meal; it sets you up for the day ahead and this is the perfect opportunity to pack in some calming carbs.

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