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Simple, ordinary, walking lowers stress and promotes a feeling of calmness.

It reduces tiredness and gives you more energy for everyday tasks. If you have problems sleepng, walking can promote better- quality sleep. A 30- minute walk will work wonders, so instead of your regular bus ride, try walking to work or back home afterwards. If your journey is too long to walk the whole way, try just walking for part of it. Or have a brisk walk at lunchtime or instead of your usual coffee break.

Don't just walk ' there and back'; look around you at the people, the environment and at nature. Take your time and breathe in the (hopefully) fresh air. Be mindful of where you are, what you are doing and allow yurself to feel calmer with each step you take.

DO A WALKING MEDITATION.  Try this simple walking meditation to calm a troubled mind. Start walking at a normal pace. Be aware of your foot as the heel first makes contact with the ground. It rolls forward onto the ball of your foot, lifts, then travels through the air again.

Think about the different sensations in your feet, ankles and lower legs. Be aware of the whole of your pelvis. One side of your hip moves forward and then the other; one hip lifts while the other sinks. Notice your shoulders and how they move in opposition to your hips. Be aware of the motions in your arms and hands and notice your neck and the muscles supporting your skull. Relax your jaw and let your eyes be softly focused. Lastly, come to a stop and just experience yourself calmly standing.

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