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If you can travel to where you want to be,  you can increase your independance.

Here are some tips on travelling safely.
Buses are generally safer as the driver can see the passengers.
On a train, it is safer to sit near the guard. This is usually near the middle of a long train, and at the rear of a shorter train.
Suggested rule: If a fellow passenger asks inappropriate or personal questions say: "I can't answer that" or "That's innapropriate" & change seats!
When you ride in a taxi, sitting in the rear discourage unwanted friendliness. Taxis are safest when called to a private residence. A taxi that is flagged down is traceable if a friend takes a note of your taxi number.
Remember, Speeding does kill. If your driver had had any alcohol or drugs, their skills is compromised and it may be illegal.
Suggested rule: If the transport situation is dangerous, consider faking illness, and ring home.

Stop press! This is important!
Are you sick of adults nagging you to 'go to bed?'
Sleep helps us cope better with  emotions and allows the body to grow. Sleep also helps pimples and acne to heal better.
Shift-workers know that we get to sleep easier if we keep a regular bed-time and wake-up time.
Coke and coffee after  4pm, however, will keep us awake.
You will get to sleep faster if you do some exercise in the day. A warm shower and relaxing music also help the body to relax for sleep.
Before going to bed, try writing down your worries in a 'worry book'.
Yoga experts suggest that sleep comes when we focus on our breathing: breathe in calm, and breathe out worry.
Suggested rule: Bed is for happy thoughts only.

It is sad for me to talk to beautiful young people who feel embarrassed for poor choices they made after some drinks.
Alcohol makes you feel relaxed. However, it will also cause us to under-estimate danger.
Guys and girls differ in their ability to break-down alcohol.
The average female liver can break-down only half the amount of alcohol that a male liver can. Unfair, but true.
Suggested rule: Aim to stay aware and 'in control'. For most female, this will means less than 3 standard drinks in a night.

You have heard about this issue a thousand times? OK, I'll be brief.
The best way to say NO to drugs is to accept that the user has the right to make their own choice. You want the person offering you the drug to understand that you accept their wish to 'use'. Communicate that you are happy to sit and not 'use'.
It is worth remembering that the drug pushers are in the business for money. They usually offer the first few uses free (and remember the spiked drink option). Flashing around some cash is the best way to attract the attention of a drug dealer.
Suggested response: "You go ahead. I'll be fine..."

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