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Dear Fr. Ion, Maria and all the congregation,
Thank you for your support, generosity and kind words. It has been a huge honour and a privilege for us to learn about and tell your people's stories.
The process of putting up this show of "Mad Forest" has been fast and fascinating and yes, a little mad, but having you all in the audience and then speaking with you afterwards and getting to experience how powerful theatre can be when it intersects with real life and means so much to our audience as well as to us has been the most impacting and beautiful thing. I'm so grateful to have shared this experience with all of you and wish you all the best,
Many thanks,
It is a rare and wondrous privilege to have experienced the true power of theatre in such an early stage of our careers (or at all, for that matter), and so each and every one of us are more than lucky in that regard. It was an absolute honour to both journey through this as well as have you in our audience. 
Clementine Anderson
Clementine Anderson 10:02am Feb 25 
Father Ion and your delightful congregation,
I cannot begin to thank you for your generosity, for letting us experience a part of your rich culture, for speaking to us with passion and listening to us with patience. My experience in your church was truly remarkable and I will never forget the kindness and acceptance I was shown by your congregation. It has been more than my pleasure to meet you all and hear your stories, we could not have told this story the way we did without you. More than anything I want to thank you all for coming to watch the production. It was by far one of the experiences of my life performing for you all, I feel so privileged to have experienced something so powerful so early in my career. So thank you all, I will hold this experience and all of you close to my heart always. I have been truly touched by your strength, your love and your generosity and I hope we have made you proud and done this story some justice. I will continue to pray for the freedom of the Romanian people, we hope you know you are always welcome in our theatre. All love and light, 
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Noah Fowler
Noah Fowler 10:33am Feb 25
Father Ion,
We are so lucky and thankful for your kind and generous support through our journey to tell such an important part of Romania's history. I am so grateful for your patience, guidance and willingness to help. I hope we were able to do the people of Romania proud. 
Tatum Mottin
Tatum Mottin 12:32pm Feb 25
Dear Father Ion, 
Thank you so much for your guidance and generosity in welcoming us into your church and sharing your story with us! It was such a privilege to hear your story and have you come to see the play. It was so wonderful having all you all in the audience. Thank you for everything.
Best wishes,
Daniel Gabriel
Daniel Gabriel 1:50pm Feb 25
Father ion, 
I truly cannot express how deeply grateful I and my whole cohort feel after being honoured with the presence of yourself and your congregation in the audience for what is truly a harrowing history and story of Romania. I can only hope we did the story justice. It was a most humbling experience knowing the people of Romania were with us and were there to support us in telling this story! My heart is full. Thank you for everything 
Samantha Lush
Samantha Lush 2:11pm Feb 25
Dear Father Ion, 
What a privilege and an honour it has been to use the power of theatre to share this story with others thanks to your generosity and support. It has been lovely too meet you all and hear your stories. To have you all in the audience was a humbling experience and will be a memory I, and I'm sure many others, will hold close throughout our journey. 
Sisi Stringer
Sisi Stringer 2:36pm Feb 25
Father Ion, Maria and the whole congregation, your kindness, generosity and spirit have made an immeasurable difference to the process of our production! As young artists living demanding lives among chaos it is easy to let everything pile on top of us and forget why we do what we do. Your presence and support have reminded us all of the power of theatre and storytelling, which is invaluable to a group of young actors. I feel reawakened and now I remember how I can personally contribute to the betterment of the world through what I do, which is the most important thing to me in life. Thank you all for being part of our journey and I pray we have have made you proud and done justice to Romania and the enduring struggle for freedom. Please feel free to come and see any of our shows, you are always welcome at QUT! 


Father Ion and the congregation,
We are forever lucky to have witnessed your beautiful passion and devotion for the history and culture of Romania. It means the world to the ensemble that we are able to perform such captivating stories for the people of Romania, and now we strive to inspire others with the same loyalty. Thank you for showing us love, commitment, and benevolence. The QUT Actors are grateful for your support.
 Father Ion and congregation, 
Thank you so much. It is an honour and privilege to share the history of Romania. You really inspired us to tell the story. My heart is warmed and I will never forget this experience.

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