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Dr. Andrea Moor, senior lecturer in Acting Creative Industries at Faculty QUT,
and her 2nd year students visited our church 'St Dimitrie' in Brisbane on 29/01/17 and 5/02/17.
They have been working to put on stage "Mad Forest" by Caryl Churchill (about Romanian Revolution 1989).

'Even though Mad Forest was written about events of almost 3 decades ago, the play is frightening relevant today. In the last few weeks the people of Romania have taken to the streets in numbers not seen since the 1989 revolution to protest their corrupt government. As we sit in the comfort of middle class Australia we are appreciating our freedoms and questioning how we can support the freedom of others. Caryl Churchill has always been to me the voice of our conscience or lack of it. In Mad Forest she explores the political through the personal and presents the arguments without wrapping a neat ribbon in the form of a conclusion. We are left to investigate further. This has been an exciting journey of discovery for the company that has opend our eyes and hearts. I think we have all been changed from working on this play.
We would like to dedicate this production to the people of Romania in their struggle for liberty'.

Dear Father Ion
Thank you for your loving support.
The actors were so moved by your attendance and I believe they felt the true power of theatre on Thursday night. Here are their words of thanks.  
Much love to you and Maria and your congregation
Dr. Andrea Moor

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