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This letter serves to express my family's gratitude towards the continuous service provided to our family and the Romanian Community by Fr. Ion Constantinescu.

Since  I arrived  in Australia in 2003, Fr. Ion has overseen our wedding ceremony as well as the baptism of our son. We find Fr. Ion very approachable, always willing to help out in need and always polite and courteous. Every year he has kindly come over to our house and blessed our home and when asked by other community members to have their homes blessed has always obliged. Fr. Ion  has never asked for any financial rewards either towards his personal services or contributions towards the church, he left it up to each individual to decide what is best for them, given their own financial circumstances. Fr. Ion has spent a lot of time working in and for the church to ensure that his parishioners are looked after in a beautiful and traditional setting.

We are very happy with the services that he fulfils as the Romanian Orthodox Church representative and would not hesitate to attend his services or recommend his services to any Romanian person as he sticks to true traditions and true principles of Christianity. We whish to comfirm that we are very happy to retain Fr. Ion as the continuing priest of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Brisbane. Yours sincerely, Raluca and Alin B.,  20/06/2010

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